Our AT6-G, serial number 52-8211, was remanufactured by North American Aviation in Fresno, CA from 1952-1953. From March 1953 to December 1955 it was assigned to the Oregon Air National Guard and was based at Portland, OR. The Oregon ANG and their historian, Terrence Popravak, Jr. have helped locate photos and share the history of our airplane.

It is our intention to restore 52-8211 as it was when delivered in 1953 to the 123rd Fighter Interceptor Squadron. The proceeds from rides and donations will fund this restoration effort.

52-8211 assigned to the Oregon ANG 1954. Photo courtesy of the Oregon ANG

The dedicated people of Nostalgic Flights, LLC:

Erin, Owner/Scheduler
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Erin and John Shuttleworth, Owners

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John Shuttleworth, Chief Pilot
Larry Long, Crew Chief
Katie Wilson, Operations