Billy Werth flying the Pitts Special. Photo by John Fleck
Carl Schwerman rolling the
T-37 Tweet
Paul Keppeler going vertical in the T-33 Shooting Star
Korean Era F-86 and Mig-17 Dogfight
John Shuttleworth presents the Douglas AD-1 Skyraider Air to Ground demo

Billly Werth performs an amazing, high energy routine in the airshow classic Pitts S2-C  to excite and thrill the crowd. When not performing, upset training and VIP aerobatic rides are offered through Greyout Aerosports, LLC. Contact Erin to book Billy for a performance at your aerial event and provide a Sponsor ride.


Carl Schwerman gracefully displays the T-37 Tweet with an eye pleasing, close to the crowd, tight routine. 


Paul Keppeler flies the T-33 Shooting Star through a routine that displays the speed and power of this iconic american trainer.


Jeff Kaney and Paul Keppeler bring you the classic F-86 and Mig 17 Dogfight routine! Excite the crowd with close-up jet warbird action.


John Shuttleworth dives and straffes the runway showing the devastating force of the Douglas Skyraider.