Ramp and Crowd Control
GSA Photography
Our Airboss works with you to create an operational plan for your specific event.  Airspace constraints, performer requirements, FAA coordination, and safety are woven into the event choreography.  The Airboss controls the event flow, makes modifications in response to actual conditions, and maintains situational awareness to insure a safe, fun event for everyone.
Tom Spielmann is ICAS Certified and has been producing airshows for more than 15 years. Tom's leadership and disciplined style ensure a safe event.  

The Announcer  shapes the personality of your event as they narrate what is unfolding in front of the audience.  Great announcers provide texture for each performer, fill minor holes in the action, and tactfully promotes the sponsors and vendors at your event.
Luke Carrico delivers family friendly announcing and commentary.  Luke artfully emcees your event through soundtrack production of the flying display coupled with sponsor recognition and event announcements.  Luke draws upon his 10 years of experience and knowledge as a pilot to enthrall the crowd.

Ramp control for performers and transient aircraft is a difficult art.  The Ramp Rats bring 30 years of experience to the planning and execution of a safe surface plan.  The Rats are trained experts equipped with radio communications and transportation to effectively manage transient planes, airshow performers, and crowd lines.
Sterilizing ramps, expediting fuel trucks, and keeping errant attendees safe from operational aircraft  are some of the airshow challenges the Rats excel at handling smoothly.

Social media and internet content are prime requirements for successful aviation events.  Sponsors and vendors expect excellent photography of the action at your event for their marketing efforts.  The quality of the event coverage and the ability to provide a virtual experience online is a reflection of professional event management.
Trevor Griffis of GSA Photography captures the feel and energy of your event.  His skillful composition and digital equipment allow him to deliver amazing images quickly.  Ground to Air, Air to Air, sponsor pictures, and candid volunteer moments will be quickly available to post online.